"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" — Aristotle.

I had my first ever code meetup today in Shoreditch. Like, in public with actual real-life people, and it was the next level in my code education.

The goal was to conceive a kata, which was done several times by Peter, over the course of three hours. But what actually happened was nine hours of codathon (thank you, Ace Hotel, for sharing your lobby).

Just being in the presence of people who share the same goal as you — tackling problems head on like warriors — was empowering. But it also made me realise how vital it is to meet with like-minded people.

You can be surrounded by people in your life and still feel isolated, especially if conversations you have at those people return glazed and confused expressions. You can either suppress your inner smarts, or get out there and find your tribe.

Collaboration changes you. It’s energising. There’s something radically different about working on problems in a team, even if you’re just sitting at the same table as them. I helped them, they helped me. But often, we just worked alone but I felt stronger, like a warrior in an army. I’m going back in for more this Monday!