Getting Settled at FutureLearn

I'm now three months old at FutureLearn! 🎉 It's tradition here to share feedback with new starters at the end of their three month probationary period. So today I had the pleasure of reading four pages of what my peers had to say about me. Spoiler: It's joyous! 😄🦄

Here are my ❤️ faves:

Steve's been great to work with and there's burgeoning potential there; I can see him going a long, long way with the skills he's got.

It's incredibly refreshing to have someone so exuberant, excitable, and keen in the company. Like, wow.

Steve shouldn't hesitate to step up and offer direction for the team. He seems to be a very good leader that people warm to and trust. It’s not that he doesn’t do this already, it’s just I think he should feel comfortable in doing more of it.

He has quickly turned into a leading light for the team, helping us improve our processes, focus on our sprint goals and, of course, experiment with new tools (cough trello).

Steve’s one of those people whose productivity is infectious and I feel our team has been more productive and engaged since he joined.

I was surprised to learn that this is his first development role as his professionalism, proactivity, speed of delivery and eagerness to learn are all qualities I’d normally expect of a more senior developer.

He’s a pleasure to work with and has made our team feel more driven, more fun, and more organised.

Encouraging and supporting the team move to trello so soon after joining shows confidence in his own skills and knowledge, and a knack for problem solving…

…plus that was a very good learning hour; he's a very good teacher and will be a great asset to the team…

…and it was impressive to write a blog post about it too!

Steve has not only been great at making suggestions about improvements we can make to the product and how we work as a team, but crucially he’s also been great at making sure that those things actually happen!

Steve is always keen to help others inside and outside the team and to share what he’s learnt with others. His Trello learning hour was a great success, but he’s also been very good at updating the wiki and other documentation when he’s found gaps.