Notifications are dead

I've purged literally every single notification but my work calendar. No more interuptions from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS or anything except calls.

Why? After reading Deep Work it's hit me how much time I waste being disturbed. How much time I spend constantly being alert to popups on my phone and computer and how easy it is to draw me into endless scrolling of feeds filled with often useless information. This stops me getting deeply involved in what I really want to do, which trust me is not find out how many people like a Facebook post, what shocking thing I'll read about if I 'click here' or who's following me on Instagram. Those fleeting bits of information add zero value to my life beyond an unmemorable micro-reward for doing absolutely nothing special.

Likes are just the bouncing back and forth of information. I see a friend's post and like it. They return the favour on one of mine later. If neither of us do this, neither of us notice.

From now on, I check my services when I'm ready, not when they show up and demand my attention. But as for Facebook and Twitter, I'm doing a 30 day rest from either of those to find out exactly how much I will miss them.

The only exception is that I will let myself post photos on Instagram, as I've come to value my insta as my own visual histogram of life and memories that brings me joy when I look back on it. But notifications will not be on.

This should free up a huge amount of time I've otherwise been wasting, so I'm going to have to find some quality alternatives to spend my time on. Some options to divide this new time:

  • Audible
  • Treehouse
  • Meditation
  • Walks
  • Exercise
  • Socialising
  • Writing
  • Travelling